There are very few lands on earth which have captured the imagination more than Tibet has.Known as the "Hidden Kingdom" and " The roof of the world" Tibet is situated in the deep heart of Asia. This vast expanse of land is surreal and stunning beyond belief, fantastic mountain vistas, large and dry arid plains, clear blue deep lakes and the fascinating people and culture all go to make up a very special experience.
A region of  full of mystery, it flourished in secrecy for centuries . The medieval magic of Tibet is slowly becoming diluted by the influx of the Chinese to the region but there is still so much to be appreciated in a land where many  eat, sleep and breathe religion.

 Geographically, Tibet is divided into three major parts; the east, north and south. The eastern region is very much forested and it occupies around a quarter of the country, forests run the entire length and breadth of this part of Tibet. The northern region is mainly open grassland where many nomads live tending their yak and sheep,this area accounts for around  half of Tibet. The southern and central region is mainly agricultural and it takes up the other quarter of Tibet.

This region is also where all the major Tibetan cities and towns are found,Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse ad Tsetang are all situated in this region. The total area of the Tibet Autonomous Region is 1,200,000 square kilometers and its population is around 2 million. The region is administratively divided into one municipality and smaller areas. The municipality is the capital  Lhasa, while the six other areas are Shigatse, Ngari, Lhaoka, Chamdo, Nakchu and Nyingtri(kongpo). The People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region exercises the highest administrative authority in Tibet.



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