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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Himalaya Arirang Trek Pvt Ltd we are based in Thamel in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a well established company and we are registered with the Tourism Ministry of Nepal. From our early beginnings when we started with a few groups we have grown over the years and now cater for a wide range of people from all around the world wide. We have built a strong reliable and responsive team who take great care in their work. They are also fully committed to making sure that anyone travelling with Himalaya Arirang Trek is well looked after. We have many satisfied clients and we welcome you to check out both our Testimonials and Trip advisor recommend page.

We have grown we have extended our services and now there is little we do not know about Nepal. In short, if you can do it in Nepal, you can do it with us. Our services include a whole variety of package Trekking in Nepal that focus mainly on the rich and diverse culture Nepal has to offer to a whole range of trekking , Tour and other adventure opportunities Nepal is famous for. We run white water rafting tours on all of Nepal rafting rivers and also kayaking tours and clinics. Nepal occupies less than 1% of the world's land area yet it has over 8% of the World's total bird species. It stands almost at sea level on in southern border yet within 200 kms you could be standing on the top of the world there is nowhere on earth quite like it. Perhaps then it is not surprising that the nature, flora and fauna of Nepal are as diverse as its landscape and there are numerous opportunities in Nepal for travelers to get away and experience these. We run safari to all the National Parks in Nepal, including Chitwan, Bardia, Koshi Tappu Bird Sanctuary and the Suklaphanta reserve. We have also year’s tailor made school and other educational institutions.

Nepal is also an adventure playground where more and more extreme sports are being developed. From the longest zip line in the world to one of the tallest bungee jumps or just perhaps one of the most scenic Paragliding flights anywhere on earth. Add in some Canyoning, the world highest marathon and the odd triathlon it is not difficult to see. Why Nepal has become a top adventure destination we welcome you to check out the rest of our site and if you have any questions please get back to us. Our service specific tailored packages along with fixed itineraries.
Many of our past clients who visited Nepal have become our best friends and they are only too happy to recommend us. No doubt you will be looking through many Nepali websites before choosing the company to go with, we hope you keep us up there in your list with the knowledge that you can rely fully on our service and detail to care.


If you are planning a holiday of any kind in Nepal with any trekking company/travel agency, there are certain things you need to know about the company you choose to book your trip with. Is the company a Legal company authorized from Nepal Government? Are they financially secure? Does the company in

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